1980s pop goddess Olivia Newton-John dies at 73

1980s pop goddess Olivia Newton-John dies at 73
1980s pop goddess Olivia Newton-John dies at 73

Olivia Newton-John, one of the most famous pop stars of the 1970s and early 1980s passed away at the age of 73. She passed away on Monday on her property in the southern part of California according to her husband John Easterling, in an announcement on her Facebook page. It states that Olivia has served as a symbol of victory and hope for more than 30 years by sharing her experience with breast cancer.

In the 1978 film, the musical Grease Newton-John the lead actress Sandy Olson, falls for a bad boy, played by John Travolta, who had also played the part on Broadway. He was adamant for Newton-John to appear in her first film as his co-star.

“I wanted this girl bad,” Travolta stated to Merv Griffin in a segment on TV in 1981. Olivia Newton-John would be the ideal Sandy, in my opinion.

However, the 28-year-old Australian singer was not sure about her role as a high-school student.

“I couldn’t do an American accent, and I was too old,” she stated in her interview on the “Today” show in the year 2019. “And I had a tonne of excuses as to why I couldn’t. We did a screen test. The chemistry was there. It worked and when John came to see me at my house — how could you say no to John Travolta?”

It seemed that no one could resist the Grease. The soundtrack was extremely successful. The duet featuring Travolta was the most-seller single.

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Newton-John was born in England in 1948 in England. She was raised in Australia and began her career in the field of music when she was a teenager. She was a regular for local stations and television shows, she has crowned the winner of a talent contest and recorded songs that were country-pop in the U.S.

With “Let me Be There,” she was awarded the debut Grammy prize in the year 1973. In the next year, she won two Grammys for “I Honestly Love You.” Mellow pop songs were Newton-John’s currency and she was awarded the fourth Grammy in 1982 for her provocative song “Let’s Get Physical.”

The track made her feel uncomfortable Newton-John said to NPR at the time of 2012. “I thought it was a great song, but then had a panic attack and called my manager and said, ‘You can’t put this out, it’s too over the top and it’s too risque,’ ” she told her manager, only to find out it was already played on the radio.

Newton-John was the one who came up with the concept to create the music video on exercise. She claimed that she wore sweatbands, leotards, and legwarmers.

Following her other successes including “Magic” — and other films, like Xanadu Newton-John, was able to step from the limelight to take care of her child and also to advocate for causes such as the environment as well as breast cancer awareness after being diagnosed with cancer. She managed to fight her condition, she claimed by using alternative therapies and medical marijuana, as well as laughter and optimism.


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