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bishop franco: Kerala rape case: Nuns can continue to stay at Kuravilangad convent | Kochi News

KOTTAYAM: Finally, the Catholic Church has responded to the plea of the fellow nuns of the survivor nun in the nun rape case and assured them that they will not be transferred from the convent in Kuravilangad as long as they are needed for the court case.

Bishop Agnelo Rufino Gracias, auxiliary bishop emeritus of Mumbai, who was appointed as the apostolic administrator of the diocese of Jalandhar by Pope Francis, wrote to the nuns Anupama, Neena Rose, Ancitta, Alphy and Josephine regarding this. In an email letter, the bishop said that there would be no move from the diocese to oust them from Kuravilangad convent. The nuns had written to the bishop regarding this on January 16.

“I was surprised and dismayed at seeing the letter to Sr Neena Rose. I am giving a directive to the general that she will not issue any letters to the five of you without my explicit permission. This will be an order to her from me as apostolic administrator in charge of the congregation-since it is if Diocesan Right, it comes under me.”

“I like to assure the five of you that, as far as lies within my power, there will be no move from the diocese of Jalandhar to oust you from the Kuravilangad convent as long as you are needed for the court case,” added the bishop in the letter. He began the letter seeking pardon for the delay in replying to their letter.

The four nuns who are supporting the survivor, who are also key witnesses in the case against Bishop Franco, were asked to join different convents in Punjab, Jharkhand Bihar and Kannur. Another nun who had stood with them was asked by the church to appear before the authorities in Jalandhar where at present Franco is residing and explain her actions. All five of them are key witnesses to the case.

Following this, the survivor nun and the five fellow nuns wrote to chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan seeking his intervention to ensure that they could live in the convent in Kuravilangad till the trial of the case is over, considering their safety.

A petition under the initiative of Save Our Sisters (SOS) movement, endorsed by over 50 prominent personalities and organisations from various fields across the country including poet Sachidanandan and writer Anand, was also despatched to Vijayan seeking the immediate and effective intervention of his office to ensure the constitutional and legal protection to all the nuns involved in the nun rape case.

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