Popular Call Screening feature comes to Pixel phones in Canada


After rolling out to U.S. users alongside the Pixel 3, and then being updated to support the earlier Pixel models in November, Call Screening is rolling out to Canadian users today.

The feature, which lets you intercept an incoming call with a pre-recorded voice message that turns the recipient’s response into a live transcription, has been one of the Pixels’ most popular since its release. According to Paul Dunlop, who oversees the Call Screen program, Canada is the first market outside the U.S. to receive the feature, though it only works in English at the moment.

To enable Call Screening, you’ll have to opt-in to the Phone app beta on Google Play. Once that happens, you’ll receive an update to the Phone app that should enable it. There’s no explicit toggle — once it’s enabled, when receiving an incoming call you’ll see an option to “Screen call” in addition to “Answer” and “Decline.”

How to use Call Screen on Pixel Phones

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