Best Tablet Stands in 2019


Tablet stands were made in order to do one, obvious thing: keep us from using our hands all the time. After all, there’s nothing worse than settling in for a movie before bed on your tablet, only to have it fall on you repeatedly because your wrist got tired. Fortunately, these tablet stands we’ve chosen will make that problem seem a thing of the past.

Foldable and light

UGreen Adjustable Tablet Stand

Staff pick

The UGreen tablet stand is wide and long enough be suitable for most tablets, especially as inside the curve of the stand is internal rubber cushions. These cushions stop your device from slipping and/or skidding while being used, and also keeps your device from being scratched too. It is also very light, and you can fold the stand to become small enough that it can even fit in your pocket.

$10 at Amazon

Stylish and trendy

Lamicall Adjustable Tablet Stand

The Lamicall tablet stand is an easy one to adjust, making it suitable for not just your tablet but for other devices like your smartphone. The tablet also has rubber cushions situated on the grips of the tablet to keep your devices sure, and at the bottom of the stand there are anti-skid cushions to keep the stand in place when on hard, smooth surfaces.

$11 at Amazon

Easy-to-use clamp

Lamicall Gooseneck Tablet Stand

The Lamicall Gooseneck tablet stand may not be the best for those needing to work hands-free, but it is great for watching TV and movies or even reading. The Gooseneck’s clamp is also easy to mount wherever it best suits you, including your bed’s headboard, a desk, or even a kitchen chair if you’re really struggling to find a place to put it.

$17 at Amazon

Portable and practical

AmazonBasics Adjustable Tablet Stand

The non-skid based design on this stand helps prevent any movement while it is being used, and the two vertical points of the stand makes it so that you can position your tablet at any angle, whether it be vertical or horizontal. The adjustable band of the stand also makes it portable, allowing you to slip it in your bag if you wish to.

$9 at Amazon

Height trumps all

CTA Digital Adjustable Tablet Floor Stand

The CTA Digital stand is great for its adjustable height, allowing you to view whatever is on your tablet, whether you’re sitting or standing. Its height can also be used in a number of environments outside of the home, such as an office setting and even in school, and the weighted base also keeps the stand balanced and anchored.

$30 at Amazon

Comfortable and flexible

NBryte Bed Tablet Stand

The NBryte bed tablet stand is, understandably, ideal for those who like to watch or even work in the comfort of their sheets. However, it is also a perfect lap stand that can be set up no matter where you are. The legs of stand are also flexible and can be folded down or twisted in order to help give the stand balance on uneven surfaces.

$40 at Amazon

Which tablet stand should you get?

If you’re looking for a tablet stand that can work effectively in the home, as well as in educational and office environments, then the CTA Digital Adjustable Tablet Floor Stand is the stand you need due to its height and weighed-down bottom.

For around the house, there are many options included. But we would, ultimately, recommend the NBryte Bed Tablet Stand for a more comfy, secure approach, as well as the Lamicall Gooseneck Tablet Stand thanks to its adjustable neck and easy-to-use clamp.

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