'Gorgeous Tabby Boy' Elliot the Shelter Cat Can't Find a Home Because He Is Always Sneezing


Elliot the 9-year-old tabby cat is sweet and would love to “spend all day on your lap, if he could,” according to his caretakers at Cats Protection.

Cats Protection, a U.K. charity dedicated to find homes for rescue felines, has been working on finding a loving forever family for Elliot for two months. Unfortunately, Elliot has yet to find a home for a peculiar, pesky reason.

According to The Argus, this cat that loves cuddles also has a case of chronic rhinitis, which means he is often plagued with sneezing fits. Some staff members at the Elliot’s Cats Protection centre in East Sussex, England, think the sneezing might cause potential adopters to pass over Elliot.

“We think his condition has put off some people from adopting him, which is a shame as would make a lovely pet,” Tania Marsh, the deputy manager of the Elliot’s Cats Protection centre, told The Argus.

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Marsh added that the chronic rhinitis has led to a few health issues for Elliot, but nothing severe.

“Elliott is definitely very snuffly and his condition means he has some damage to the bones in his nose,” she said. “But, this doesn’t bother him and he is a happy, affectionate chap.”

The center hopes that a patient cat lover will be able to overlook Elliot’s sneezing fits and see the “gorgeous tabby boy, who just loves human affection” — a description pulled from Elliot’s Cats Protection adoption profile — that is waiting for the chance to be a perfect pet.

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Elliot has already waited two months for his forever family, reports Yahoo, but Cats Protection seems confident that the kitty will find the ideal fit.

“Cats with health conditions may seem like a daunting prospect at first, but in many cases they can be managed well with the right care,” Marsh told Yahoo. “Cats like Elliott deserve a safe, warm home as much as any other cat, and we hope we can find a new owner for him soon.”

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