Runaway U.S. Open Golf Cart Injures 5 Victims Near 16th Hole, 2 Sent to Hospital


Five people were injured at the U.S. Open on Friday after a runaway golf cart careened into a group of spectators, the USGA confirmed to CBS News.

Authorities say the accident occurred at the 16th hole at the famed Pebble Beach course in California when a vendor exited one of the golf carts. A box then fell on to the gas peddle, causing the golf cart to move on its own.

The accident sent two victims to the hospital, with the USGA confirming three spectators and one vendor required medical treatment, the Monterey Herald reported.

The injured range in age from 25 to 82, according to USA Today, which also reported that the victims include: a 25-year-old man from Highland, Texas, a 43-year-old man from West Jordan, Utah, a 58-year-old woman from Carmel, California, a 58-year-old man from Modesto, California, and an 82-year-old from Modesto.

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The nature and severity of their injuries are still unknown, and the golf cart was eventually brought under control.

Tiger Woods earned back-to-back early birdies, while Phil Mickelson made four birdies, with a seagull actually moving his ball on the 10th hole after pecking at it, according to CBS Sports.

The U.S. Open tournament continues until Sunday, June 16, with the winner walking away with a $12.5 million winnings purse.

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