Browns vs Steelers: Cleveland bounces back from humiliating loss to beat bitter rival Pittsburgh, 29-17




Last Sunday afternoon was a forgettable one for the Cleveland Browns.

For a franchise with a history of heartbreak and disappointment, dropping a 13-point lead in the final few minutes against the New York Jets — and losing their backup quarterback — was shocking for the Browns as well.

However, on Thursday Night Football, they went some way toward correcting those mistakes, beating their bitter AFC North Division rivals, the Pittsburgh Steelers, 29–17.

Cleveland quarterback Jacoby Brissette threw for 220 yards and two touchdowns—one for Amari Cooper and one for David Nojoku—while Nick Chubb continued his excellent season, running for 113 yards and one touchdown.

Despite trailing at halftime, the Browns’ offense rolling and defense clamped down on the Steelers to secure a vital victory for Cleveland, driving away some of Sunday’s demons.

It was Brissette’s growing relationship with Cooper — who was traded in the off-season to the Dallas Cowboys — that was a major driving force behind Thursday’s win.

After being out on his home debut last week with 101 yards, Cooper finished with 101 yards again against Pittsburgh, which included an 11-yard touchdown in the first quarter.

After the game, Brissette expressed her admiration for the acquisition of the four-time pro bowler.

“I’m glad they [management] done,” Brisetta Told NFL Network Insider Tom Pelicero,

“I mean he’s been incredible. He’s one of the smartest, most hardworking players I’ve ever worked with, comes here every week, works hard every day, works and plays with him.” Glad. I know he wants to continue this.”

Cooper celebrates his touchdown during the first quarter with Donovan Peoples-Jones.

The Pittsburgh offense continued its early-season struggles on Thursday with center back Mitch Trubisky being able to move the ball consistently.

Although there were flashes of explosiveness—a brilliant catch from rookie George Pickens and Nazi Harris that looked dynamic—it was a more limited display of Trubisky and offense.

Trubisky, former No. 2 overall pick, arrived in the off-season buffalo billHe was named the starter for this season by head coach Mike Tomlin.

However, the Steelers drafted quarterback Kenny Pickett with the 20th pick of this year’s draft. Given the aggressive struggle the team has shown so far this year, calls from fans have come out loud for the former Pittsburgh Panthers star to have his chance in the lineup. During last week’s loss to the New England Patriots, Pittsburgh loyalists could be heard chanting Pickett’s name.

Trubisky threw during the second half against Brown.

After the loss to the Browns, Tomlin was adamant on sticking to Trubisky’s back when asked if he was considering giving Piquet a chance.

“I’m Not In That Mindset,” Tomlin Told Media. “I’m interested in reviewing his tapes and looking at it in its totality and finding out how we get better collectively.

“So, the answer to that question is definitely no.”

The result means the Steelers slip to 1-2 on the year as they prepare to host the Jets in Week 4. The Browns lead 2-1 – and over the AFC North – and travel to play the Atlanta Falcons next week.

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