Dana Warrior No Longer Working As Part of the WWE Creative Team

After a long time of not working as part of the WWE Creative team, Dana Warrior has resurfaced on the scene. The former WCW and SmackDown LIVE host has begun working with the WWE’s creative team. While she’s not the only woman on the team, Dana Warrior has been particularly hands-on with the women’s roster and has been writing promos for Lacey Evans.

Though she’s no longer on the creative team, she is still a key member of the company’s Community Relations team. She helps with the Warrior Awards ceremony, which takes place during the WWE Hall of Fame Weekend. Warrior continues to be an important part of the company’s community relations efforts and is likely to stick around for some time. It’s unclear exactly how many people are affected by the change.

The news about Dana Warrior’s departure from the WWE Creative team comes as a shock to fans. After years of working as a brand ambassador for WWE, she was no longer working on the creative team as an official member. Although she won’t be on the road much anymore, she continues to perform outreach campaigns and will continue to work in the community relations department. Although Dana is no longer working as part of the WWE Creative team, she is still part of the company.

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In 2015, she was also presented with the inaugural Ultimate Warrior Award, which recognizes the greatest courage in sports. Since the award’s introduction, Dana Warrior has become an ardent supporter of WWE’s philanthropic efforts. She has attended more than a dozen different WWE functions during WrestleMania Week, including the inaugural Warrior Award ceremony.

It’s not clear what led to Warrior’s departure from the WWE creative team. She was backstage at the SummerSlam pay-per-view event last night. She worked as a freelance writer before moving to the creative team. Her departure from the creative team means that she will continue to work with the company, although her role has shifted from being part of the creative team to community outreach and community relations.

When her husband collapsed on the ring, Warrior stood by his side, offering support and sympathy to the WWE employees. After the loss, Dana was driven to give back and become a role model for her daughters. The Ultimate Warrior’s death, which happened six years ago, spurred her to turn her life into philanthropy and become a role model for her children.

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