Dave Chappelle Attacker Stabbed Roommate With Same Knife Used At Hollywood Bowl



comedian David Chappelle was possibly in greater danger than originally thought when attacked at a May Hollywood Bowl Looks.

A roommate of the attacker in that incident testified Friday that Isaiah Lee used the same replica gun with a hidden blade to stab him in the abdomen.

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Roommate Dijon Washington Lee became increasingly unpredictable in the months leading up to Chappelle’s attack. according to Rolling Stone. Lee allegedly wrote strange notes and boasted about his marijuana use, Washington said.

“He said, ‘I smoke on your brother,’ and bragged about how much money he made — whatever he did — how much weed he smoked,” Washington testified. “It didn’t make any sense to me. He knew my brother had died a few months earlier. It was disrespectful.”

Things escalated on December 2 when Lee attacked Washington after a perceived insult.

“We started fighting and I got stabbed,” Washington testified. Lee fled the house after the stabbing.

Los Angeles police revealed Photos of the knife found on Lee after Chappelle was attacked. Lee pleaded not guilty to battery misdemeanor charges, possessing a deadly weapon with intent to attack, and disrupting a public event. He avoided criminal charges.

Judge Kevin Stennis ruled Friday that there was enough evidence to put Lee on trial for the attempted murder of Washington. With $1 million bail, Lee awaits his Sept. 30 indictment.

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