DoorDash to Host “Battle of the Brands” Tournament on Twitch



Today DoorDash announced that the “Battle of the Brands” tournament will be livestreamed on Twitch from this Saturday, September 24 to Sunday, September 25. The recently released hit fighting game Multiverse will serve as the battlefield for the 10 participating streamers. Each streamer will represent a different chain restaurant, such as Wendy’s and Taco Bell. Before and during the livestream, viewers will be able to take advantage of a few different Doordarshan promotions to satisfy their hunger. You can find out more about the “Battle of the Brands” event as well as specific promotions below:

Grab your favorite Byte controller to eat, and check your Internet connection, because DoorDash is ready to present “Battle of the Brands” on Twitch – Two day livestream multiverse gaming tournament10 favorite national and regional restaurants like Taco Bell and Wendy’s pitted against each other, each represented in the game by a streamer of their choice.

Battle of the Brands will be hosted by Chris Puckett – Renowned broadcaster inducted into Esports Insider Hall of Fame Saturday, September 24 from 6:00 p.m. ET – 9:00 p.m. ET and Sunday, September 25 from 6:00 p.m. ET – 10:00 p.m. ET, Chris will be involved in the whole event osteWatching and commenting on every strategic move by 10 leading streamers competing for fame and glory on behalf of their favorite restaurants:

10 streamers each representing a favorite national or regional restaurant will play multiverse – Fighter, a new free-to-play platform published by Warner Bros. Games and developed by Player First Games. multiverse Featuring an all-star cast of iconic characters, allowing players to take it home in fantasy matchups to take home the crown and some delicious prizes with bling. The first day of the tournament begins round robin style, with the second day raising the stakes with a nail-biting double elimination.

Throughout the Battle of the Brands, DoorDash will drop a total of one hundred $100 gift cards within the chat for viewers to have a chance to win** and enjoy as they root for their favorite team, as well as for Twitch support. 1,000 subscriptions. their producers in the future. If individuals aren’t able to tune into the Battle of the Brands, they can still enjoy limited-time promotions from their favorite brands on DoorDash, including a free Pizookie® from BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse (promo code: PIZOOKIE) Includes.***, $3 off KFC **** on orders of $15 or more, plus other sweet savings from Chillies, It’s Just Wings, and more.

Leading the Battle of the Brands, the college students who sign up dashpass for students From Monday, September 19 to Friday, September 23, national and regional restaurants competing in the tournament will receive $15 off a one-day meal (once a day during the promotional sign-up period). Wendy’s on Wednesday, Del Taco on Thursday and Dunkin’ on Friday until the tournament starts.

Fans can watch “Battle of the Brands” live DoorDash’s Twitch Channel and follow @DoorDashGaming on Twitter For tournament updates.

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