French parliament takes on sexual misconduct, amid scandals



Paris: FranceThe U.S. parliamentary speaker issued the first public audit of complaints to a special unit aimed at fighting sexual harassment and other misconduct, sparking public outcry after several cases accused French lawmakers of misconduct.
Yael Braun-Pivet, the first female speaker of France National AssemblyPublic radio France-Info said on Thursday that 40 cases of inappropriate behavior – including sexual or moral harassment – have been filed in the legislature since January 2021.
The anti-harassment unit, established in 2020, is part and parcel of a gradual but growing effort to combat sexual and sexual abuse in French society.
Independent and specialized doctors and lawyers assist people working in the lower house of France, from parliamentarians to deputy assistants or staff.
Under French law, if the circumstances reported can be considered a crime, it must be reported to prosecutors. A case last year went through that process, Braun-Pivett said.
Internal sanctions could also be imposed, she said, although she did not specify what happened in each case.
“It was important to have a special unit to deal with these situations,” he said. Parliamentand urged the victims to speak.
New figures unveiled amid a scandal that rocked the National Assembly’s left-wing opposition: Prominent far-left lawmaker Adrian Quatenense recently spoke of slapping his wife and influential three-time presidential candidate Jean-Luc accepted. melanchon Initially defended him.
Quattainnes resigned from his role as party coordinator; Melenchon has come under criticism within her left-wing camp for not fulfilling promises to protect women’s rights and fight sexist violence.
Another prominent figure of the Left, MLA Julian Beau He was “suspended from his role” as co-chair of the Greens party group in the National Assembly on Tuesday after a former colleague accused him of psychological abuse in a complaint to the party’s anti-harassment unit.
Beau has not commented on the allegation, and the party will rule about his future role in the coming week. An internal inquiry is being conducted by the party.
Braun-Pivett said it was a “personal choice” of a lawmaker to resign if he is accused of wrongdoing, but the law does not compel him to step down.
Former French minister Damien Abad had to resign from the government after two women were accused of rape. The case helped trigger a movement aimed at exposing sexual misconduct in French politics.
Abad, who is also a member of parliament, denied the allegations. Prosecutors launched a preliminary investigation into the allegations.
Braun-Pivett spoke about her own experience in the National Assembly, where she was first elected in 2017 and the target of sexist behavior, including inappropriate “remarks” and “little noises.”
But he is hopeful that things will gradually change. She said women make up 37 percent of the National Assembly — down from 39 percent five years ago but up from 12 percent a generation ago — and that five of the National Assembly’s six vice-presidents are now women.


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