‘House of the Dragon’ Series Premiere

'House of the Dragon' Series Premiere
'House of the Dragon' Series Premiere

‘House Of The Dragon’: Everything That Happened In The Premiere On HBO

It’s an ephemeris for Game of Thrones however, it could serve as an ancient spinoff of The Succession.

House of the Dragon: The expression “much-anticipated” is a common phrase in Hollywood and elsewhere, but there is no other word to define the most recent story from Westeros which is based on George R.R. Martin’s Fire & Blood. The 700-page epic tells the story of the House Targaryen and, as the show goes on to elaborate that it was 172 years ago before the demise of the King’s Madness and Daenerys Targaryen (played in GOT by Emilia Clarke). The show begins with the issue of succession: who’s the most worthy of the title, and the fact that no woman will ever be able to sit on the Iron Throne.

We’ll see about that! 

It appeared as if we were entertained by Dany’s ghost during the premiere. After a brief introduction to the history of the House Targaryen, an adorable blonde is shown riding on her dragon, while the stoic inhabitants from King’s Landing go about their day (it appears that fire-breathing creatures are everywhere in the days). The moment the young lady gets off the dragon by turning her back to the camera, it looks like the production team has dropped the Dany scene from later episodes in the show. It’s actually Rhaenyra (an amazing Milly Alcock) who is the spindly (what other?) child of Paddy Considine’s King Viserys. The one who is waiting for her to be able to walk on the solid earth is Harrold Westerling ( Outlander‘s Graham McTavish) — who appears to be HotD’s equivalent of GOT’ss Jorah Mormont and the captivating Alicent (Emily Carey) who is the Rhaenyra confidante who walks hand-in-hand with her best friend while helping her to study history under the canopy of a weirwood.

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Viserys has a lot of affection for his daughter who is his sole However, his focus is upon his wife (Sian Brooke) who is carrying the son is aspires to someday be the heir to his title. It’s not an easy pregnancy, which the queen defends by declaring that “the discomfort is how we serve the realm.” Talk about a huge sacrifice. Since her child has a breech birth, she goes through an extremely painful (and extremely bloody) C-section, which ultimately ends up taking her life. And as a sort of divine punishment for her, the baby son is killed also. That’s not even male heirs.

We also meet the protagonist in the series prince Daemon Targaryen (Matt Smith), Viserys’ brother-cum-city watch commander who appears to love watching his troops castrate and behead criminals roaming street corners in King’s Landing. Also, he’s a great Jouster and is featured with Viserys in one of the most amazing scenes from the debut. The most gruesome part is the image of a child vomiting after seeing the face of a jouster be crushed is perhaps the most relatable scene of the show.

Daemon is the most obvious candidate to succeed his brother on the throne. However, Daemon has his critics including Otto Hightower (Rhys Ifans) who is the King’s hand. Otto does not tolerate Daemon’s reckless conduct. Daemon invents a scandal claiming that Daemon spoke of the king’s daughter in the form of “heir for a day” during a supposed celebration at a local amusement park. The words weren’t spoken or at least we don’t hear them however it’s enough to persuade Viserys to abandon any chance of his brother assuming the kingdom. The prince finally smudges his noble child, Rhaenyra, who accepts her fate at the conclusion of the show.

There’s more intrigue at the palace revealed in the film’s premiere, such as the fact that princess Rhaenys Velaryon (Eve Best) ought to be thought of as a candidate for the throne instead of her cousin Viserys and also the way that Hightower has his daughter Alicent who is Rhaenyra’s best friend to console the king who is grieving in one of her mother’s gorgeous dresses. It’s a shame, but we’re not sure the direction this will go.

There’s plenty to be smitten within the case of a lover of GOT and that return to the Iron Throne (but with many swords that melted through the steps) as well as The courtyard in the Red Keep (kind of makes you long for Cersei isn’t it?) and those majestic dragons.

What do you consider? Did you find House of the Dragon worth the long wait? Did it make you want to watch Game of Thrones more?


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