Japanese company Fujitsu lets employees to bring dogs to work



Japan’s armies of “salaried” were famous for spending endless hours in office. Now one tech giant is trying to make the experience more engaging by allowing pets.

Fujitsu Limited (6702.T), which makes everything from air conditioners to supercomputers, opened an experimental “dog office” in July in one of its buildings in Kawasaki, near Tokyo.

After teleworking throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Yuka Hatagaki was a Fujitsu employee who returned to the office a few times each month with her five-year-old Maltese-Poodle cross, Noel.

“As remote working has become the norm, it has become more difficult to communicate,” Hatagaki told Reuters. “So I thought it would be a great place here to be able to come and communicate with other people with the help of our dogs.”

The plan is more similar to that of Silicon Valley than to corporate Japan, but the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a rapid change in work patterns. telecommunications in japan increased from 10% to 28% between December 2019 and May 2020, although still lower than in many major economies based on OECD data.

A worker brings his dog to work.

Japanese company, Fujitsu, is now allowing employees to bring their dogs to its Kawasaki office building.

A worker brings his dog to work.

Fujitsu worker, Yuka Hatagaki, hugs her five-year-old dog while working at her desk.

A worker brings his dog to work.

Bringing your dog into the office is an experiment Fujitsu is doing until the end of the year.

A worker brings his dog to work.

Fujitsu worker Mayumi Inoue has her Pomeranian dog in a cage in her office while she is working.

Advertising company Dentsu Group Inc (4324.T) and logistics provider Nippon Express Co are among companies that have considered selling their central Tokyo headquarters to save money as more workers working from home.

But more than two years after the pandemic and as infections ease, there are signs the pendulum is heading back to office work. In particular, there has been a rapid decline in telecommuting among people in their 20s and 30s, According to surveys by researchers Japan Productivity Center.

Fujitsu’s dog offices, separate from standard work areas and operating on a trial basis through the end of the year, have workstations for three employees and space for six dogs at a time. It also has stain-proof carpets and a range of pet supplies.

But when 30-year-old Hatagaki was pulled back to the office By the promise of working with his dog, Fujitsu says the project is not intended to bring workers back inside the building. Fujitsu and financial services firm Nomura Holdings Inc (8604.T) were among companies saying they would make working from home a sustainable option even after the pandemic.

A photo of a worker at his desk, while his dog is in a chair next to him.

Teleworking among people in their 20s and 30s has declined sharply, according to surveys by the Japan Productivity Center.

Photo of a worker taking his dog to his office.

Yuka Hatagaki walks back to the office with her dog after teleworking throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

A photo of a worker at his desk while his dog is on his lap.

Mitsuya Akamatsu, Fujitsu’s head of work style strategy, said they don’t know if they “will stick with this style of working with pets for a long time because it’s still a test.”

Mitsuya Akamatsu, Fujitsu’s head of work style strategy, said, “Ever since COVID, work life and our personal lives have changed drastically.” “We’re always thinking about what kind of changes are needed.”

He said, “We can’t say that we will stick with this style of working with pets for long because it is still a test, but personally I feel like seeing it spread in our society.” will be good.”

Another dog office user, Mayumi Inoue, became a pet owner during the pandemic. She said coming to work also backfired for her dog, a six-month-old Pomeranian named Toramaru.

“Compared to staying at home, your dog gets to mingle with their canine friends and people, so there is a good incentive for them as well,” Inoue said.


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