Long island start-up selling “realistic” Star Wars lightsabers



The force is strong with two “Star Wars” fanatics looking to do battle with the dark side.

SabersPro — a Long Island, NY startup founded by two wannabe Jedis — is selling high-end “realistic” lightsabers to deep-pocketed fans of the epic George Lucas franchise.

Marketed primarily as collector’s items or cosplay props for adults, sabers range in price from $89.95 for the more generic models to $660.95 for the company’s special designs.

“Nothing says ‘Star Wars’ more than the iconic lightsaber,” SabersPro co-founder Sergei Kogan said in an interview with Newsday.

Kogan, 43, started the company last year with his 19-year-old brother-in-law, Lev Glushkovsky. The pair immigrated to the US from Russia 25 years ago — Kogan 25 years ago and Glushkovsky in 2019 — and have been lifelong fans of Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and Princess Leia.

SaberPro’s most expensive product, the Leia Profi 2.2 NeoPixel, retails for $660.95.

“The idea of ​​defending the galaxy with a laser sword against blasters was inspiring to me,” Kogan told the outlet.

SabersPro products are made from aluminum, and come with “impact-resistant polycarbonate blades with refined sound and light effects,” according to the company’s website.

Lightsabers are programmed with sensors that are able to mimic the look and sound of a blade contacting another object. Some of the more expensive models come with gyroscopic motion detectors that make “realistic lightsaber noise in response to motion.”

According to Newsday, Kogan would not reveal how many Sabers the company has sold.

While dozens of companies, including Hasbro, have created high-end mock lightsabers for the adult market over the past two decades, SabersPro is one of the few that actually label their products as lightsabers on their website.

Lucasfilm, and corporate parent Disney, have a history of suing unlicensed lightsaber makers, but Kogan said he’s not worried.

“As long as we don’t engage directly with a character, we keep everything within the domain of the law,” he told Newsday, adding that his company is “beneficial to Lucasfilm in keeping the culture and community alive.”

The post reached out to Lucasfilm for comment.

SabersPro’s founders are heading towards what they anticipate to be the busiest time of the year, with next month’s New York Comic Con being a big draw for “Star Wars” content. It could also benefit from “Endor,” the latest Star Wars-inspired series on Disney+, which premiered on Wednesday.


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