Neurosis Vocalist Scott Kelly Admits To Abusing Family

Neurosis Vocalist Scott Kelly Admits To Abusing Family
Neurosis Vocalist Scott Kelly Admits To Abusing Family

Scott Kelly, a vocalist for Neurosis, admits to abusing his family; other former band members remain silent.

Scott Kelly, the vocalist, and co-founder of Neurosis made an admission in a statement over the weekend that he had abused his wife and kids. In the statement, Kelly reveals how he mistreated his family and declares his total retirement from music.

“I have completely and irrevocably given up my career as a professional musician. Some people are able to keep their integrity in a situation like this where there is no accountability. I’m unable. My entire life will be devoted to looking after my family, providing them with a secure environment in which to recuperate, and regaining their trust. By making this public, I’m hoping to shield my wife from additional assaults and provide my family with some much-needed tranquility.

Neurosis had not yet officially reacted or commented on the situation as of Kelly’s tweet, however as of yesterday, the band has made a statement in response to the upsetting information.

It is impossible to express the level of disgust and despair we feel for a man we once called Brother.

After learning about the serious damage Scott Kelly had inflicted on his family in the past, as a band, we cut ties with him at the end of 2019. Scott has previously spoken openly about his marital issues, his verbal abuse, his desire to seek therapy, and his plans to alter his conduct. With the knowledge we gained in 2019, it was obvious that Scott had crossed a line and there was no turning back.

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We respected his wife’s request for privacy and respected the family’s desire to avoid having their experience become the subject of gossip in a music magazine by withholding this information. We can finally speak what we think has to be stated because Scott’s Facebook post on August 27, 2022, made most of this material publicly available.

The band’s statement continues by emphasizing that Kelly’s public testimony should not be considered a brave gesture.

We would typically view public candor and openness regarding mental illness as courageous and even advantageous. Simply put, we don’t believe that is the case in this instance. Systematic abuse of your wife and children is not courageous. When you have not put in the effort to alter your conduct, admitting you were wrong is not courageous. Refusing to communicate openly or at all with one’s closest friends and bandmates—those who have stood by you and supported you for most of your life—is not courageous.

This is the last statement we plan to make regarding this subject, concludes Neurosis in their answer.

The metal scene was completely shocked by all of this information. Long admired for its contribution to experimental metal sub-genres, Neurosis is recognized for having paved the way for a large portion of today’s celebrated avant-garde metal. While Scott Kelly was a member of the band Neurosis, his musical career is extensive. Kelly has performed with Mastodon throughout their career and is a featured vocalist on a number of the band’s songs that are fan favorites. In addition to this, Kelly has released music through a number of side projects and even a joint album with his recently established “supergroup,” Absent In Body, this year.


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