Reports Are Coming In That The Applause For Johnny Depp At The VMAs Did Not Actually Happen And Was Edited In



Johnny Depp is a very polarizing figure in Hollywood at the moment with some people being fiercely loyal to him while others are incredibly critical of him and there seems to be no middle ground. The controversy around the actor began a couple of years ago after he was accused of domestic abuse by his ex-wife Amber Heard, but recently he claimed that the charges were false and sued Amber for defamation. The trial was taken to court and the Jury gave the decision in favor of Depp, which seemingly gave Depp his life outside of controversy back…or did it?

Many are still of the opinion that Depp is guilty and the court of public opinion is still not entirely convinced in his favor.

Depp is trying to move past this phase of his life and return to the entertainment industry but even his return is muddled with controversy. His most recent attempt at becoming a public figure again was showing up at the VMAs as their mascot Moonperson and joking about doing it because he needed work. The actor was seemingly applauded for his appearance but now people who attended the VMAs are saying that there was no applaud and many are saying that the appearance was pre-filmed and didn’t even happen at the actual VMAs.

Whether this is true or not isn’t confirmed as of yet but it is perfectly possible that MTV wouldn’t risk a live appearance from a figure as polarizing as Johnny Depp. How would an audience react to Johnny? Probably the same way that Twitter does, a mix of cheers and boos.

In the meantime, Johnny’s attempts at a comeback continue with the actor appearing in Jeanne du Barry in the role of King Louis XV. He will also be appearing in a directorial role for the first time in the upcoming film Modigliani, a biopic about the Italian artist of the same name.

Experts have had conflicting opinions regarding whether Johnny’s attempts at a come back will be successful or not, hence only time will tell the truth.


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