Teen Mom 2 Star Janelle Evans Calls Her Mom ‘Toxic’ 

Teen Mom 2 Star Janelle Evans Calls Her Mom ‘Toxic’ during her recent appearance on the reality show. Evans also says that his mother deprived him of love and affection, leading to a miscarriage and later separation from Rogers. Despite her dramatic and controversial statements, she has continued to be active on social media and has launched her own cosmetics line.

In a recent YouTube video, Evans also admitted to her fans that she was unable to work out due to her health problems. The star cited eye pain and anxiety-induced heart palpitations as reasons for her absence from work.

Janelle Evans recently called her mother Barbara Evans ‘toxic’ during her appearance on Teen Mom 2. The pair have been feuding over the custody of their son Jess for years, and their relationship was a major theme of the series. While the relationship was largely positive for the viewers of the show, the audience has seen the tough side of the mother-daughter relationship. Janelle accuses Barbara of not being supportive, while her mother constantly criticizes her for her actions.

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After Janelle Evans became the star of the show, their relationship with the spotlight became more complicated than ever. Several rumors claimed that Evans refused to film some scenes for Teen Mom 2 because he felt that the producers were sabotaging his play and using it to make money. She claimed that the producers of MTV were taking advantage of her drama by filming sexy scenes of her mother.

Janelle also called out her mom on social media after her mom allegedly called her ‘toxic’ on her new blog. The Post reportedly indicated that Janelle is fighting with her mother over the custody of her son Jess. Jess has been living with her mother since childhood. Although the two women eventually made up, the truce seems to have broken down. If you’re wondering what she’s talking about, don’t forget to check out her latest tweets.

As the show is one of the most-watched reality TV shows in history, the actress also shared her mother’s advice with the “Teen Mom” ​​stars. He said that his daughter should not let fame change her personality. She gave her daughter an example of how to do this. The reality show star gave her mom’s advice to aspiring “Teen Mom” ​​stars: Don’t spend your MTV paycheck on fame and fortune.

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