Sydney Sweeney’s party drama attracts conservative support

Sydney Sweeney’s party drama attracts conservative support
Sydney Sweeney’s party drama attracts conservative support

Sydney Sweeney’s party drama: Days after Barbie Ferreira said she was leaving the popular HBO series, co-star Sydney Sweeney is in the hot seat after sharing pictures from her mother’s 60th birthday celebration. The “White Lotus” star uploaded pictures and videos from the hoedown-themed party on Saturday.

There is no better way to honour my mother than with a surprise hoedown, Sweeney said in the caption of an Instagram photo.

In several of the photographs, Sweeney was seen dancing in a barn with her loved ones and riding a mechanical bull, but keen-eyed viewers focused on the last image in her collection. In that photo, Sweeney stood next to a man sporting the Blue Lives Matter insignia, which is an image of the American flag with a blue line and is used to demonstrate support for law enforcement and the police.

Other curious partygoers were wearing hats similar to former President Trump’s recognisable red “Make America Great Again” caps, as shown on Trent Sweeney’s Instagram account.

Trent Sweeney captioned an image with the words “Make Sixty Great Again,” which has been modified.

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Fans criticised Sweeney for her political views and her family members’ attire on the actor’s original post.

One person responded, “QUEEN NOT THE BLUE Lives Matter SHIRT.”

Another person asked, “Hmm where were you on January 6th,” alluding to the attack on the U.S. Capitol in 2021.

Following the uproar on social media, Sweeney responded to the “wild” criticism on Twitter.

She tweeted on Saturday that the celebration of her mother’s milestone 60th birthday had become “an outrageous political statement, which was not the aim.” Please refrain from assuming anything.

Fans continued to be sceptical, although the actor did receive some backing from conservative personalities, such as pundit Tomi Lahren.

Following Sweeney’s tweet, Lahren wrote, “Never bow or apologise to the mob.”

Lahren expanded on his defence of Sweeney’s images in a subsequent tweet.

OMG Sydney Sweeney had the guts to celebrate her mother’s birthday, and her family appeared to be conservative and/or in favour of police enforcement! Oh, how awful! Vultures, GTFOH,” she wrote.

John Ziegler, a prominent conservative media figure, added his perspective to the discussion.

In case you were wondering, the fact that it is POSSIBLE that some of her family members favour Trump is what sparked this wild Twitter response, he wrote in a tweet.

Additionally endorsing Sweeney are the conservative publication Citizen Free Press, Newsmax columnist Christine Flowers, Rebel News reporter Katie Daviscourt, and actor Nick Searcy.

Sweeney, best known for her role as Cassie on “Euphoria,” is nominated for two Emmy Awards and will play Madame Web in the next movie.

Her acting career “wasn’t terrific for a very long time,” she recently told The Times.

“I lacked any contacts. I came from a poor background. And that weight is so heavy when you’re 16 years old, don’t really like yourself, are trying to understand what the hell is going on with your body, makeup, and hormones, and people are telling you that you’re not good enough,” she said. However, I was raised by parents who had faith in me no matter what.


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