Taya Valkyrie Brings Lucha Libre Style To NWA

Taya Valkyrie Brings Lucha Libre Style To NWA
Taya Valkyrie Brings Lucha Libre Style To NWA

Bringing Lucha libre to NWA, Taya Valkyrie hopes for more Mexican Artists Are Recognized

In the National Wrestling Alliance, Taya Valkyrie introduces the Lucha libre style, and she wants to see more of it there.

At NWA 74, Kamille will face off against Valkyrie, the current AAA Reina de Reinas Champion, who made her debut at NWA Alwayz Ready in June.

Valkyrie spoke about how she adjusts her luchadora technique to the NWA during an interview with the Battleground Podcast.

“Of course, the Lucha libre style and every other style I’ve discovered over my career have had a significant impact on me. I believe I bring it to the table, so to speak. The only luchador-style wrestler there at the moment is me, so I believe that’s what I bring to the table. However, I’m also simply adapting to use it and also fit into the NWA’s needed style, which is distinct from other locations, “explained Valkyrie.

Later on, the hosts brought up the AAA showcase during Ric Flair’s Last Match while still talking about Lucha libre. Valkyrie gave the competitors high marks and made it apparent that she was pleased to see more Mexican artists receive accolades.

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“They are really fantastic, those men. They’re all incredibly talented, and I recently had the opportunity to wrestle Taurus last week in the main event against the Lucha Brothers. I could go on and on about Bandido and Laredo Kid. I never stop gushing about those guys. They are highly gifted and they work very hard. They’re trying to get outside while doing the damn thing, you know. I’m really glad for them and that more and more Mexican artists can be recognized and respected for their work. Because of how awesome what they’re doing is, “She spoke.

Valkyrie voiced her desire for women like Lady Shani and Lady Flammer to participate on a wider stage and felt that it would be wonderful to see celebrities like Bandido compete in the NWA.

Yes, as well as some of the females. Both Lady Shani and Lady Flammer should come out now. Everyone, including the new Sexy Star. I know that those ladies are incredibly talented, and I believe that they would succeed in any of these American organizations,” she remarked. “Those women also deserve some love.

Valkyrie still competes in the world of professional wrestling, and she currently has a number of championships, including the IMPACT Knockouts World Tag Team Championship. She recently expressed her opinion that there ought to be many women’s titles if the roster has enough depth.


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