Taylor Lautner Was Not Happy With The Diet He Had To Keep To Play Jacob In Twilight



Team Jacob and Team Edward was all anyone could talk about in the late 2000s as Twilight took over pop-culture. Entire high schools were split into 2 over which of the 2 fictional characters, Jacob or Edward, was better for the third fictional character Bella.

As the fans were split over supporting the 2 characters, they were also split over the 2 actors who played them; Edward was played by Robert Pattinson, and Jacob was played by Taylor Lautner .

Lautner had a certain edge with the ladies as he got the most shirtless scenes in the movie series. The justification was that his character was a werewolf and lost a shirt every time he transformed so it was better not to wear a shirt at all. With so many shirtless scenes, Taylor obviously had to be in peak physical condition which he very much was. Pattinson had joked on several occasions that having to battle against Taylor’s perfect chiseled abs was not easy for him.

But as many fans he had gushing over his body of a Greek god, Taylor has come clean about his Twilight experience recently and revealed that the diet he had to go through to maintain his physique was horrible and he had a terrible time with it.

The actor detailed the experience while speaking to Yahoo in the following words:

“For this little role that I did starting when I was 16, I was 140 pounds and I had to put on 35 pounds of muscle to keep my role. That was an absolute nightmare in the diet compartment — raw sweet potatoes and turkey patties and protein shakes that were essentially just mud. That was rough. I had to consume at least 5,000 calories a day to maintain the weight that I was at.”

There is no report that the studio helped Lautner with his physical preparation either. Hence, even though many would think it is living the dream starring in a huge film franchise and having ladies rush after you, it is clear that dreams don’t work without putting in a lot of tough hard work.


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