Tom Brady hails Aaron Rodgers as an ‘amazing player’ before the two go head-to-head



It will be the third time Brady has gone head-to-head with Rodgers after signing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, with the Buccaneers defeating the Green Bay Packers in the teams’ last two meetings – including the 2021 NFC Championship.

When asked about facing Rodgers, Brady told reporters, “He’s an amazing player, has been for a long time.” match,

“I love watching him play, and he’s also from California, so I think we always have a little bit of a connection.

“He’s an old man now. He’s been a great player in one place for a long time. Certainly he has had some challenges with him, but he’s navigated them very well and has done a great job, being a part of the team.” He has led. He has won a lot of games since his arrival.”

Brady’s Tampa Bay is 2–0 on the season, thanks largely to the team’s strong defense, winning against the Dallas Cowboys and New Orleans Saints at the start of the 2022 NFL season.

Even though the results have gone his way, Brady has indicated he is “near the end” of his NFL career, having already returned to retirement earlier this year.

Earlier this week, Brady also revealed that he gave seven of his Super Bowl championship rings — six of which he has won with the New England Patriots — to a friend who will be on display at a museum in Qatar during the 2022 World Cup. was arranging. cup.

Brady on his ‘Let’s Go!’ Said on the podcast on Monday, “I gave them [the seven rings] To a friend of mine who sent them so that they could enjoy them in a museum in Qatar. Fans and tourists will enjoy it during the World Cup.”

Asked about it, Brady told reporters on Thursday: “I visited Qatar twice and really enjoyed it. There’s a great sports museum there.

“I wanted to allow a lot of people who are going there to see the impact it has on American football and our whole lives and what a great sport it is. For them to see what we do for Playing, I thought, would be a really cool thing.”


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