Observe God! Bikini photo of Addison Rae is removed after being called "a mockery of Christianity"

Due to a social media post that some have called "a parody of Christianity," Christians invited TikTok star Addison Rae to church.

The influencer and actor posted a selfie of herself on Instagram on Tuesday wearing a white string bikini top with the words "son" and "father" written on either side. 

The photograph was removed when Christian community members accused Rae of disrespecting their faith.

The entire swimsuit, a collaboration between sportswear Adidas and fashion label Pray, also carries the word "Holy Spirit" from below, completing the Holy Trinity.

Rai's reasons for deleting the post are personal to her and her god as she has not made any public comment about the backlash against the bikini.

 "These folks are going to learn the hard way not to play with GOD," @XAVIAERD tweeted in response to Rae's original message. Simply wait and observe.

"Why do you have to degrade Christianity in this way?" @DannyBee8801 tweeted. You do not defame other religions; Christianity only? and why,

Rae's swimwear selections, on the other hand, didn't concern other people, and they advised the "He's All That" actor not to "listen to the church."

"OMG, she's doing something wrong" Go out, people are dying, and you're angry because she was wearing a f—ing bikini. Tweeted by @JlNSOULNECKMEAT.

The tweet from @gvkkyy said, "Addison Rae mocking the holy trinity makes me appreciate her a little more lmao her bikini was kinda slay.

Fallon commented at the time, "We did a piece with Addison Rae on our last show before the break,

Where she taught me eight viral TikTok dances, and we accept that the performers of those dances deserve their own spotlight."