A song written by an imprisoned man that Johnny Depp "ripped off" and "placed his name on"

Jeff Beck and Johnny Depp are investigating the most recent allegations regarding their music.

The duo has come under fire for appropriating the poem's lyrics from an inmate.

According to Rolling Stones, artist Slim Wilson asserts that words from his poetry "Hobo Ben" are included in Depp and Beck's song "Sad Motherf—-in' Parade."

Immediately after the article was published, Depp's agent told the Guardian:

"We are reviewing the query relating to the song Sad Motherfuckin' Parade from the 18 album by Jeff Beck and Johnny Depp.

All album forms will be given additional copyright credits if necessary.

Jackson, a professor at the University of Buffalo, said to Rolling Stone, "

"The only two sentences I could locate in the whole work that [Depp and Beck] contributed are

'big time motherf[expletive]cker' and 'knock it down to my level'."