Kiera Hogan Reminisces About Her Time With IMPACT Wrestling and Discusses Changing Her Persona

On the most recent episode of Thunder Rosa's Taco Vlog, 

AEW star Kiera Hogan discussed her time in IMPACT and the character changes she made after playing the role of "best buddy" for a while.

The following contains a summary of Hogan's appearance on the programme.

"I spent four years working at IMPACT, where I was constantly featured in plotlines and was always someone's best buddy. 

Before I went, I truly desired a singles run and a title, but I was never able to obtain both. At NWA,

I had the opportunity to compete against Mickie James for the championship, which was awesome. That is my hero.

I was shocked to learn that it took me leaving IMPACT to be given a championship shot, but I'm glad nonetheless since it was against Mickie James.

How she altered her persona to avoid repeatedly using the same trope:

I was always the best friend of someone. Allie, Jordynne, and Madison Rayne all considered me to be their best friend. Can I be alone?

Am I not capable of standing on my own? Is my character not strong enough? It is what?

To avoid doing the same thing over and over again, I changed my character as a result. Maybe I'm becoming old. I made an effort to change it.