Sydney Sweeney Discussed Having Panic Attacks in Public

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Sydney disclosed that she first started having panic attacks in the month of June. She said, 

Sydney took a break in response to the panic episodes. She mentioned putting her phone away and spending some time with her family.

She acknowledged that although that time had helped to calm her anxiousness, "I still can't get my thoughts to quiet talking, and I don't sleep."

She said that her recent schedule contributed to some of her worry. Sydney has been very active, as you may have observed. 

For her leading performances in Euphoria and The White Lotus, she got multiple Emmy nominations. She will also star as the lead in Sony's Madame Webb.

Sydney has made several public appearances as a result of her growing renown, including at the Met Gala, other award shows,

And even a recent Boston Red Sox game, when she threw out the opening pitch.

It's crucial that she was able to identify her anxiety symptoms and take action as a result.

Sydney is not the only famous person who has panic attacks, therefore preventing them depends on finding a treatment strategy that works for you.

You could try techniques recommended by experts, such as talking to yourself and regulating your breathing,

while having a panic attack. You can schedule a consultation with a therapist or a doctor who can treat your symptoms.