Drake reconnected with singer Keshia Chanté, his first committed girlfriend, at this year’s October World Weekend for a trip down memory lane.

Drake told the crowd at Toronto’s History theatre during his All Canadian All-Stars performance on Thursday, July 28,

“This next person coming to the stage, I used to jump.”

Do you feel me? I used to drive all the way to the West in my mother’s car only to see this donna over here.

I must thus introduce her personally.

He said, “This is the first relationship I’ve ever had during my life. I adore this fantastic legend with all of my heart.

The crowd went wild as the ex-lovers embraced when Chanté, who is long suspected to be the Kiki described in Drake’s 2016 hit “In My Feelings,” walked out.

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Chanté posted on Instagram her gratitude for Drake after performing a few of her tunes live.

Initiating “Legendary Nights in Toronto,” she did so.”

”I’ve never seen the city come together in this way. All of that was it.