WWE Is Currently Charging an Absurd Price to Sell the John Cena Legacy Championship.

Fans who are interested in purchasing one of the 500 John Cena's Legacy Championship belts will need to fork over a hefty sum at the WWE Shop

A few of its biggest stars have recently received high-end limited heritage and signature series titles from WWE

John Cena's being unveiled in June on the week of his 20th anniversary in the company.

It is now official that the title costs $1,000 and comes with a specialty box, a sweatband set, a rally towel, and the title itself.

The central plate of the title features 16 jewels to symbolise John Cena's 16 world championship victories.

In keeping with the WWE and United States Championships he redesigned in his early years with the organisation, the championship also features a spinner belt.

The gems in the spinning plate represent the 16 World Championship titles that Cena won during his time dominating the WWE,

John Cena Legacy Championship Collector's Title Belt, which also includes an exclusive rally towel and sweatband set. 

The US Championship and WWE Championship Signature Series replicas from WWE are also available and cost $449 and $499, respectively.

On the June 27 edition of Raw, he made his final WWE appearance and thanked the audience for their support over the previous 20 years.

Despite the fact that Theory, the then-United States Champion, had publicly pushed for a match at SummerSlam in late July, 

he also acknowledged that he wouldn't be aware of when his next match would be. Without Cena's participation, that performance ended.