Wendy Williams enters treatment for ‘overall health issues’


Wendy Williams is focusing on her health ahead of her planned comeback. the previous Wendy Williams Show The host is seeking treatment for “general health issues,” her rep confirms to Yahoo Entertainment.

“Wendy has entered a wellness facility to seek help with her general health issues. She’s taking some time to focus on her health and well-being as she prepares for a big comeback for the next stage in her career The Wendy Experience Podcast‘ the Williams rep said on Wednesday. “Ms. Williams is treated by a team of some of the best doctors in the world. We ask for your prayers and good wishes at this time.”

Williams’ rep didn’t explain what specific health issues the star is dealing with, but the legendary black TV host did has struggled in recent years.

Wendy Williams joins a wellness program to help

Wendy Williams is on a wellness program to help with ‘common health issues’. (Photo: NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

In 2017, Williams passed out while hosting her eponymous talk show. The viewers noticed her Speech was unclear sometimes. Williams took various expanded breaks from the program reveals that she suffered as a result Basedow’s disease, a disorder of the immune system that leads to overproduction of thyroid hormones. Williams later shared that it was her during a break live in a sober home after an addiction relapse amid marital troubles.

In addition to health issues, Williams dealt with numerous personal issues behind the scenes. In 2019, she filed for divorce as a 22-year-old husband former executive producer on the Wendy Williams ShowShe had a child with another woman. Williams’ mother died in 2020. Williams was there too a dispute with Wells Fargo when the bank froze part of their assets. Williams’ former financial adviser claimed she was “insane.” In May, a New York judge appointed her financial guardian.

The Wendy Williams Show ended in June after 13 seasons. Williams did not appear in the final season of the show due to health issues. Sherri Shepherd took over the television slot during the day with her own talk show of the same name.

In August Williams Behavior raised concern among fans as she appeared disoriented in New York City and claimed she married a New York City Police Department officer. A spokesman for Williams Assured Yahoo that the TV personality is sane and is just busy preparing for her comeback. Fans eagerly welcomed Williams back to social media two weeks ago as she teased her upcoming podcast.

“I think a lot of people are trying to say that Wendy isn’t doing well, but she’s a 58-year-old woman going through a lot at once,” Williams manager William Selby told Yahoo last month. “So Wendy won’t always have her best moments. There will be times when she’s going to be going through something physically and she’s trying to be strong or push through, but the reality is she’s a person with a lot of time.”

Selby said that Williams was mentally fine.

“I just wish people would just recognize that she’s human and try to be a little bit patient with her. She’s trying her best to get back to where she knows she needs to be in order to continue with Legacy, but it’s not … where it’s going to happen right away,” he added.

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