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Entertainment Speech: So, the definition of TV, but can you really tell me what are some examples of entertainment speech? I think I’ve discovered the solution right here.

Some examples of Entertainment speech:-

Sneak peek!

Sneaking into a room, and just before you get there, you hear our voice through the door just say “What’s going on”, and then your eyes close… It is so cool to be in this world.

The best example of this is when we played an action movie or some superhero movie ‘Batman vs Superman, which used all these techniques to make it more interesting and entertaining. But as far as people, they don’t like most of them like Superman, but when we are playing ‘Superman vs Batman’, you will enjoy it very much.

So that’s what I feel about this topic. In this article, I hope I, at least help people understand the meaning behind ‘what’s going on, and how they may not understand the whole story behind ‘Sneak peak.’

What do we need for happiness?

I think this is one thing most people don’t know the reason behind ‘happiness’. But let me tell you why. We all know happy things happen when people love each other and respect each other, so if we want to have happiness, we first need to understand why happiness is important for us.

So, it begins with having a relationship. To understand this, let me first explain something to you about relationships. When we want and get happy, it gives us affection and love. Our mind will start to think about how good a person we are, then our mind will get excited and think of all the nice and special things we have done for another person. And when people start being good to us, they can give us pleasure, and happiness. That’s what they call friendship. And then you are happy. Then you can tell me what I mean about this.

So, let me tell you some examples of famous people that have been unhappy, and how they got back to their happiness after that. For example, in 1989, Bob Evans was married. He found out his wife had cheated on him, and he left her. Well, he didn’t want to take any kind of advice from others, but when he got to know she wasn’t true to him, he started to show people some kindness to him, and that made him happy again. This shows that if you love someone, they will never leave you, or be unfaithful to you. Because then they will not be your friend. They can stay friends by saying, “I love you, but you don’t love me.” Because then they will feel nothing. People who love each other are always honest with each other, and they help each other if they have any problems. When someone has problems, it takes time, but when someone is happy, no troubles come, because they are good people.

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So, it becomes clear once again, that if you want to be happy, you need to make yourself happy. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to just do what other people can do, because sometimes you are too selfish and want to be a perfect human being so that it will attract everyone around you. It is just when you become careless about what other people think of you, that you will lose your trust and confidence. It will just be your bad thoughts and that will eventually lead you to unhappiness.

So, the question is, why are we happy? If we really love and care about someone else, we are happy! There must be some other reason why we have so much love for others to keep us happy. And that is why ‘Sneak peek’ always comes to our head when we are happy. Yes, when we are sad, the feeling of sadness will also pass by, but once we are sure that we have loved someone who is kind and loving towards us, we can do anything we desire.

Let me give you an example, maybe after ten years of marriage to my husband, I didn’t want anymore. His attitude toward me was very rude, which I didn’t like. My husband didn’t see me as a beautiful girl to be married to. But, every now and then, he would treat me an extra mile to look after me. I thought it was only because he is rich and powerful, but it’s the fact that he loves me too. Whenever he sees me, he does everything possible to be closer to me, and in return, I treat him the way he loves me. That’s how ‘Sneak peek’ always comes to my brain, all those little steps we took to meet and make our best friends.

So, these two stories might prove that if you want to be happy, you should understand why happiness is important for you, what does happiness mean to you? The story of Robert Evans proves that, even though Robert was cheating on his wife, he didn’t even notice, but once he knew his wife cheating on him, he wanted to find ways to make her happy. Maybe by spending money or buying another car. But, after that, there were some changes. He didn’t cheat on her anymore, she began seeing the new man at work. She soon noticed that he was better than she had expected. After ten years, they divorced, but they stayed married for a long time. As I said earlier, he treated her with love. He was happy about getting to know her.

So, whatever you want to be happy, always remember these three things, firstly, you need a good relationship. You need honesty. Secondly, you must be nice. And thirdly, you need to be patient and understand each other, because there will be times when you won’t be happy with anyone. These are the three main things in life that make us happy. Happy people can live happily and get a lot of satisfaction from doing certain activities like traveling, playing sports, or reading books. Also, just like ‘Sneak peeks’, people should also learn the difference between loneliness and sadness. A lonely person can have many issues, or a depressed person can go through depression. Both are different types of happiness, and sometimes people confuse them and think they are one thing.

They think that loneliness is sadness, but sadness is sadness. They need to change that because without changing their behavior, nobody can see them clearly and understand them. If we can understand both sides of emotions instead of dividing them, we can prevent many misunderstandings and conflicts.

And then, when we are upset, what do we need most? ‘Sneak peek’ again. When we are stressed out, or angry, why do we go to that state, to face the situation the next day when we get home, we want to forget all these negative memories. Why do we act rashly in such situations? How can we be in a ‘Sneak peek’ mode for 10 years now, when we can’t be happy with anyone anymore? I think we all should remember this simple fact from childhood, if we play ‘Sneak peeks’ every day, one day, we will all feel happier about our life, and then as soon as time passes, everybody can be happy in front of everybody.

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