What is the Possessive of Business? | All You Need To Know

In English, the possessive of the word business is the plural form of the word. If we’re talking about a business, we can use the singular form. However, it can also be used as the possessive form if we’re referring to one particular business. A business’s possessive form is businesses. Businesses are commonly used for businesses. However, businesses are also used for businesses that are not owned by a specific individual or organization.


The word business is spelled in its possessive form, business’s. This is a contraction of the word “business.” It is a bit awkward to say, and it’s better to use “businesses” when speaking about a company. To learn more, read the following examples. What is business’s possessive form? How is it used? How does business’s possessive form differ from other forms of the word?

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  1. First, we must distinguish between singular and plural forms of the word “business.” ‘Business’ is the singular form of business, while ‘Company’ is the plural. In the United States, the word ‘business’ is usually used for the singular form. The plural form of the word ‘business’, however, can be used when there is more than one business. In British English, team names and bands are considered to be plural, while the plural form is used for company names.
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