WWE Raw results, (Aug. 23, 2022): Trish Stratus returns!

WWE Raw results, (Aug. 23, 2022): Trish Stratus returns!
WWE Raw results, (Aug. 23, 2022): Trish Stratus returns!

Welcome to the “WWE Raw” results for August 22, 2022, from Wrestling Inc.

Toronto, Ontario’s Scotiabank Arena will host tonight’s performance!

In his hometown, Edge plans to exact revenge on Damian Priest from Judgment Day. Late in February of this year, Edge established Judgment Day and enlisted Priest to aid him in gaining the upper hand in his conflict with AJ Styles. Shortly after Rhea Ripley joined, the pair turned on Edge during the June 6 episode of “Raw,” with Finn Balor helping them and taking over as the group’s leader. Although Edge was given up on programming, he came back as a face at Summerslam. He has been trying to make Judgment Day pay for what they did to him over the past few weeks with the help of his buddies Rey and Dominik Mysterio.

In a competition to win the vacant Women’s Tag Team Championship, Dakota Kai and IYO Sky will also compete against Alexa Bliss and Asuka. The victor advances to the finals where they will take on either Raquel Rodriguez and Aliyah or Toxic Attraction. Since the two, along with Bayley, forced a bout between Kai and Sky to end in disqualification on the show’s August 1 episode, Kai and Sky have had their differences with Bliss and Asuka. In recent weeks, Bianca Belair, the “Raw” Women’s Champion, has also supported them as she seeks retribution for Bayley, Sky, and Kai’s assault on Becky Lynch’s dislocated shoulder.

Trish Stratus, a legendary figure in women’s wrestling who was born in Toronto, will also make her come back to the organization tonight. When Stratus last competed for the organization, it was at Summerslam 2019 at the same venue as tonight’s show, when he lost to Charlotte Flair.

Trish Stratus makes her return

Stratus touched by fan chants
Backstage, Riddle and Rollins get into a pull-apart battle before the show even starts. They escape from the authorities and burst out into the crowd. Before pouring back to the ringside, they sprint up the steps. Officials attempt to separate them, but Riddle flees. They ultimately succeed in separating the two. The remainder of the show’s schedule is then outlined in the commentary.

Trish Stratus grabs a microphone and walks over to the ring. She claims that it feels fantastic to be back in the ring rather than in Toronto. Before Bayley, Dakota Kai, and IYO Sky enter the ring, she declares that she has been thinking a lot lately.

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After the commercial break, Bayley claims that “Raw” is the best show to watch. Stratus responds that there will be a significant bout with Edge later when she inquires as to her purpose for being here. Bayley responds that they don’t care what she has to say when she claims she had anything to say before being rudely cut off. She wonders who she believes she is and responds that Stratus is the past.

The song of Bianca Belair starts, and she complements Stratus. She tells Bayley that she ought to be praising Stratus and promises to remind her what a pioneer Stratus is. She asserts that she should cease acting disrespectfully because Toronto is her city. Belair claims she is capable of self-defense. Stratus asserts that she can transition from being retired to having been retired. Before Alexa Bliss and Asuka’s music begins, Bayley announces that it’s 3 on 2. It’s a 3-on-4 match, she declares, and they are the “future Women’s Tag Team Champions.” Bayley claims she is feeling kind and will overlook it. Stratus sends his best wishes to Kai and Sky for their match.

Dakota Kai and IYO Sky vs. Alexa Bliss and Asuka

The two lock up as the doorbell rings. Kai is knocked to the ground by Asuka, who then kicks her in the stomach. As the referee starts counting down from 10, Kai moves to the side.
Sky and Bliss are in the ring after the break. Before Asuka tags back in, Bliss knocks Sky to the ground. Asuka kicks out as Sky rolls her up. She knees Sky, but Sky responds by kicking her in the throat. Asuka is sent to the mat when Kai tags in. Before Kai knees her in the middle, she launches a series of quick kicks. Bliss enters and strikes with a forearm. She attempts to pin Kai, but Kai kicks her out. Bliss rolls Kai up, but Kai escapes by kicking. Kai strikes Bliss in the midsection with a right hand and then a knee. She hurls a cannonball off the apron after sending Kai outside. Dana Brooke and Tamina can be seen observing as we make our way backstage. Bliss’s face lands on the apron when Kai tripped her.
Bliss makes the hot tag to Asuka when she returns from the break. Sky enters with a ferocious She is taken out by Asuka. She kicks her belly numerous times before performing a German Suplex. She attempts to pin Sky, but Sky kicks her out. As we make our way backstage, we spot Aliyah, Dewdrop, and Nikki A.S.H. observing. Asuka receives the double knees from Sky, then a missile dropkick. She attempts to pin, but Bliss stops her. Asuka backslides when Kai tags in.Asuka receives a boot to the face from Kai after kicking out. She attempts a second pin, but Asuka kicks her out. Before tagging in Bliss, Asuka elbows Kai in the back. Sky tries to get in the way, but Bliss double DDTs her. Asuka joins the fight and applies a full-body submission to Kai. Bliss enters before Sky breaks it up. Before Asuka tags in, Bliss executes the Twisted Bliss. Kai swings his forearm. Sky attempts to tag blindly, but Asuka applies the Asuka Lock to Kai. Asuka is defeated by Sky, who unexpectedly appears and rolls her up.

Winners: Dakota Kai and IYO Sky

We go to Dolph Ziggler and Kevin Patrick backstage. He tells him that he will get over his loss to Theory last week when he is questioned about it. When Finn Balor and Rhea Ripley enter, they comment on how he leverages younger talent to stay relevant. Before slapping him and heading to the ring, Balor declares that Ziggler can’t teach him anything.

When we return from the break, we get footage of Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre’s last-week encounter. Rhea Ripley and Finn Balor descend to the ring.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Finn Balor

Balor and Ziggler lock up
The two lock up as the doorbell rings. Ziggler responds with a drop kick after Balor kicks him in the midsection. He delivers several right hands to Balor’s head before the latter responds with his own. Ziggler dodges Balor’s right hand before being thrown face first into the middle turnbuckle by the latter. As we proceed to a break, he corners Balor.
When the match resumes, Ziggler uses several right hands to knock Balor away. Ziggler strikes his opponent with a back elbow, a knee to the face, and a running elbow. Before landing a neck breaker and a standing elbow drop, he strikes Balor with his right hand in the corner. Balor does a reverse DDT before attempting a pin. Balor stomps on Ziggler’s chest multiple times before Ziggler kicks out. Balor kicks out as Ziggler rolls Balor up. Balor throws a powerbomb, then attempts to pin Ziggler, but he kicks out. Ziggler delivers a drop kick and then a DDT. He attempts to pin Balor, who kicks out. After hitting the Famouser, Ziggler attempted to pin Balor, but Balor was kicked out. Ziggler is thrown into a corner with a drop kick from Balor. He moves upward before attempting a Coup de Grace, but Ziggler counters with a zigzag. He attempts to pin Balor, but Balor kicks out.

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Right hands are being shaken between the two males. Ripley hits a cheap shot to Ziggler’s head as the referee is preoccupied after Balor kicks Ziggler in the midsection. Balor scores 1916 and the Coup de Grace to secure the victory.

Winner: Finn Balor

To visit Aliyah, we go backstage. She asserts that Raquel Rodriguez is a badass while she is a boujee badass. As they enter, Bayley, IYO Sky, and Dakota Kai make fun of her. Raquel shouldn’t be left alone, Bayley warns, and she wonders where she is. Once inside, Trish Stratus declares that she is not alone. On behalf of Aliyah, she dares Bayley to a match later tonight, and Bayley agrees.

Back at ringside, Alpha Academy heads down.

After the break, Chad Gable returns and commands the crowd to “Shoosh.” They will be taking on new students, he claims, and he has an important announcement to make. They claim to start a fresh search before defacing Toronto. He starts by disparaging the Toronto Maple Leafs before announcing that the first-ever Alpha Academy Open Challenge will be held and challenging the best.

Kevin Owens vs. Chad Gable

Gable locking Owens in a side head lock

To respond to the summons, Kevin Owens moves toward the ring.

As soon as the bell sounds, Owens attacks Gable with his right fist. Owens keeps attacking with kicks as the men scatter outside. When they enter the ring again, Owens knocks Gable out. He gives Gable many chops. Before Owens throws a clothesline and a senton, Gable kicks him in the face. Owens chases Gable as he tolls to the outside. Before Owens trips Gable, he performs a suplex. On the apron, Gable does a back body drop, followed by a German suplex.

After the intermission, Gable does a German suplex. Before Owens responds with one of his own, he hits another one. After landing a cannonball in the corner, Owens fired a forearm shot. Before Owens connects with a modified backbreaker and a Frog Splash off the top rope, Gable counters with a few of his own. Gable does a second suplex before attempting a pin, but Owens kicks out. Gable scales the summit and delivers a diving headbutt. When he attempts to pin Owens, Owens kicks out. Before Owens throws a suplex from the rope, Gable and Owens ascend to the top. He attempts to pin Gable, but she kicks him out. Gable raises his knees as Owens scales the summit and flips. For the victory, Owens throws the Pop Up Power Bomb.

Winner: Kevin Owens

Otis attacks Owens from behind after the game. Gable is knocked against the ring post by Owens after he fights him off. Owens gets knocked out and thrown into the ring by Otis. Before dropping a powerbomb on Gable on Otis, he stuns Otis.

We make our way to Judgment Day backstage. Before Priest addresses Edge, they all chuckle about controlling the Mysteries. Edge will be forced to scream in front of his friends and family, according to him, and then be sent back into retirement.


As we enter the commercial, Aliyah returns to ringside and enters the ring.

Bayley vs. Aliyah

Bayley locking in a chin lock on Aliyah

Bayley enters the ring after returning from the break.

When the bell sounds, Bayley throws Aliyah to the ground. Aliyah strikes with an arm drag, a drop kick, and a crossbody. Following a series of kicks in the corner, Bayley suplexes the opponent. Aliyah is still being beaten down by her before she suplexes her. Aliyah receives a sliding lariat from Bayley, who then tries to pin her but she kicks out. Aliyah receives a double knee from Bayley, but she is thrown out of the ring by Aliyah. Prior to returning Bayley to the ring, she strikes a bulldog. Right before locking on a single-leg Boston crab, she fires down right hands. Bayley makes her getaway and wins with a Rose Plant.

Winner: Bayley

Dakota Kai and IYO Sky go to the victory to celebrate IYO Sky’s victory after the match.

As we enter the backstage area, Bobby Lashley and AJ Styles are approaching the ring. The Miz and Ciampa enter the ring.


AJ Styles and Bobby Lashley enter the ring after the break.

The Miz and Ciampa vs. AJ Styles and Bobby Lashley

Lashley holding Ciampa in a delayed vertical suplex
Action is introduced by Ciampa and Styles. The two lock up as the doorbell rings. After delivering a dropkick, Styles tags Lashley in. Before tagging in Miz, Lashley suplexes Ciampa after a delay. Before Lashley tags in Styles, Miz kicks Lashley a couple of times. Styles hits Miz with a splash and then a backbreaker.
When Miz returns from the hiatus, Ciampa is added. Styles kicks out after being sent to the mat by Ciampa, who then attempts to pin him. Styles are sent to the mat first by Ciampa, who then introduces Miz. After giving Styles a stomp to the face, Miz locks in a crossface/neck submission. Styles manages to get away, and Miz shoves him into a corner. Before Ciampa throws Styles into the barricade, Miz hits him with a baseball slide outside. Miz enters and throws a few knees to Styles’ back. Styles kicks out of Miz’s attempt at a pin when he hits him with a DDT. Ciampa rejoins the fight and locks Styles in a side headlock. Styles flee, and Miz enters. Styles strikes Miz with a Pele Kick before hot tagging Lashley.
Before hitting Miz and Ciampa with splashes, Lashley knocks them out. He does a Double DDT to them before launching Ciampa through the ring post head first. Although Ciampa hits a DDT off the ropes, Lashley still manages to throw a clothesline. He attempts to pin Lashley, but she kicks him out. Lashley succeeds in landing a Spear, but Miz breaks up her attempt at a pin. Styles sends Ciampa outside as an unknown attacker attacks Styles. Before Dexter, Lumis emerges from behind Miz and drags him out of the arena, security yanks them away.

Winners: N/A (Disqualification via interference)

Styles and Lashley level Ciampa despite his best efforts to beat them down, and Lashley then hits a Spear.

A video promoting tonight’s fight between Edge and Damian Priest is shown to us. Damian Priest is then shown getting ready for the game.

Johnny Gargano Makes His Surprise Return!

Johnny Gargano heading to the ring
When Johnny Gargano returns from the break, the music starts, and a huge pop greets him as he enters the ring! As he moves about, the crowd screams “Johnny Wrestling.” He quips that he needs to recall how to do this because it has been nine months. He gives a brief biography to the audience and highlights his NXT successes. Gargano responds to inquiries regarding his appearance location and timing and admits he wasn’t sure he wanted to compete for one more. He recalls having lofty aspirations as a youngster to win the Intercontinental, American, and WWE Championships. It dawned on him, he claimed, that he ought to demonstrate to his son that aspirations are possible. He asserts that if you gamble on yourself, you can never fail and claims that’s what he’s doing. He claims to be pleased to announce the return of Johnny Wrestling to the WWE.

When Theory’s music starts, he enters the ring. A lot has transpired since he departed and he queries whether this is true. Before Theory reveals what he has accomplished since Gargano’s departure, he claims to have been following Theory. He claims to have already fulfilled Gargano’s goals and acknowledges that he couldn’t have done it without him. He claims to have mentored him in NXT and contrasts himself with Gargano as the veteran. According to theory, he can move his bags and briefcase. According to theory, he can demonstrate Gargano The Way and everyone adores them both. They prepare to give each other a high five as suggested by theory, but Gargano kicks him in the face with a super kick.

Replay of the fight between Seth Rollins and Riddle at the start of the show is shown when we return from the break. The schedule for the show the next week is discussed.

Damian Priest walks away from the ring’s entrance. Edge follows him to a thunderous cheer from the locals.

Edge vs. Damian Priest

Edge posing on the ramp
After returning after the break, the two lock up as the bell rings. Edge flips Priest off before throwing him out of the ring. Priest rejoins the fight and knees Edge. The priest is shoved by Edge before being ejected from the ring. Edge shoves him into the corner as soon as he comes back in. Edge receives a forearm from Priest before being thrown into the corner and kicked. Before power bombing Priest on the barricade, Edge slides to the outside and hands him a clothesline.
When Priest returns after the break, nobody is at home and he jumps from the top. Following a double clothesline, the two men each gave the other a double huge boot. Before landing a neck breaker off the ropes, Edge delivers a few clotheslines. Priest kicks out when he tries to pin him. Edge flies from the top to knock down Priest as he makes his way outside. Before hitting the Razor’s Edge through the announce desk, Priest chokeslams Edge onto the apron.
Edge and Priest teeter on the top when they return after the break. Before Priest kicks out with a spinning back heel, Edge delivers a hurricanrana off the top. He then performs an Unprettier and attempts to pin Edge, but Edge kicks out. After exchanging forearms and slaps, Priest strikes a spinning back elbow. Edge does a DDT before attempting a pin, but Priest blocks it. Edge responds to a Twisting Neck Breaker from Priest with a Final Reckoning. Priest kicks out when he tries to pin him. Edge tries to do a Sharpshooter but instead throws the official out of the ring. While the referee is down, he hits the Final Reckoning and grabs a few chairs. Before Edge can get up and grasp a chair leg, he slams it over his head. He strikes the chair leg in a cross-face. Priest strikes Edge with a chair leg while he is searching for a spear. He tries to pin Edge, but Edge pushes him out. Edge successfully disengages a Canadian Destroyer before nailing The Spear to secure the victory.

Winner: Edge

He places Priest’s head on a chair after the match, but Rhea Ripley enters the ring and strikes Edge with a low blow. When he enters, Finn Balor executes the Coup de Grace. Beth Phoenix, who is watching the bout, snatches the chair as Balor attempts to use it to beat down Judgment Day. With the end of the show, Judgment Day retreats.


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